February 2013 Newsletter

New Beginnings..........

Every man who graduates from Teen Challenge has a testimony.  Some seem more dramatic than others, but the truth of the matter is……….they all need help and hope……..they all need JESUS.  That’s what we’re here for.  We are here to bring them help and hope in the Lord.  You make this possible.  It’s a good feeling to know we are giving our financial and prayer support to a ministry that offers hope and produces change. 

Carson graduated June 8, 2012.  After he graduated he entered our re-entry program.  Carson got a job right after graduation and has been doing great.  He has been working fulltime and fulfilling all his responsibilities. 

Carson recently shared the call of God on his life to go into fulltime ministry.  We know God will use Carson.  He has a strong love for the Lord and for others. 

Those who were at our Fall Banquet heard Carson give his testimony.  In his testimony he shared that he has been praying for his father.  Carson said his father really needed help and needed to come to Teen Challenge.  Well, his father is in our program right now.  Isn’t that a wonderful miracle?  God answered Carson’s prayer and his father is getting the help he needs through hope in Jesus Christ.

God is no respecter of persons.  What He does for one He will do for others.  Carson and his father are a wonderful example of God’s faithfulness.  God was faithful to help Carson and also brought his father to Teen Challenge.

Many times our newsletter is filled with stories of what the men have gone through before they find their deliverance.  This month I wanted to bring you just the “after Jesus” story of one of our graduates, who is living his testimony.

Thank you for your help in making all these wonderful testimonies possible.  To God be the Glory, great things HE has done, is doing and will continue to do.


Dr. Bob